Adjusting Opacity and Grain

The Opacity slider controls the degree to which a stroke "covers" or "builds up" on the underlying pixels.

The Grain slider controls how much color penetrates into the paper texture. Lower settings show more of the grain.

80% opacity(top) and 20% opacity(bottom).

To set opacity

1 Choose the Brush tool from the toolbox.

2 Choose a brush from the Brush Selector bar.

3 On the property bar, type a percentage in the Opacity box, or adjust the pop-up slider.

When Opacity setting is low, the applied color is thin, allowing you to see through to the underlying colors. When the setting is high, the applied color covers underlying pixels more completely.

Some methods and dab types do not allow for adjustments in opacity To set grain

• On the Brush property bar, type a percentage in the Grain box, or adjust the pop-up slider.

Move the slider to the left to reduce penetration and reveal more texture. Move it to the right to increase penetration and reveal less grain.

For liquid media brushes, Grain controls the amount of "pull." For Image Hose brushes, Grain controls the mixture with the additional color. For other brushes, such as airbrushes, the Grain slider is not available.

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