Adjusting Spread

You can adjust airbrush spread in the Brush Creator. Airbrush spread affects how paint spreads out as it is applied. In other words, it sets the size of the cone of spread from the tip of the airbrush or spray can.

A good range for the Spread setting is 30° to 40°. Narrow settings for Spread and Angle can cause problems. Combined with a very tilted stylus, a narrow setting for Spread can cause paint to be deposited away from the cursor.

Varying Edges

You can vary the edges of the paint sprayed from an airbrush to achieve desired softness. You do this by selecting a brush tip or "profile" in the Brush Creator. Each profile gives you a different edge to the paint you spray. For more information, refer to "Brush Tip Profiles" on page 217.

Airbrush edges created with the Water Color profile (left) and the Medium profile (right).

Adjusting Flow

Although you can still adjust Opacity to apply fainter or darker dots of media, some Corel Painter airbrushes, for example, the Fine Wheel Airbrush variant, take advantage of stylus fingerwheel controls. Like the needle control on real airbrushes, the wheel fingerwheel control adjusts airbrush flow — that is, how much media is applied.

Adjust airbrush flow with the fingerwheeJ control on many airbrush styluses.

Controlling Droplet Size

You can control the size of the airbrush droplets. This is not the same as adjusting the size of the brush (the larger the brush, the more droplets are sprayed).

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