Advanced Weaving

Corel Painter lets you create woven fabrics of virtually any description. You can create fabrics for wallpapers, carpets, clothes, and furniture.

To create your own weaves

1 On the Weaves palette, click the palette menu arrow and choose Edit Weave.

2 In the Edit Weave dialog box, adjust the controls for drafting a weave on the 8-harness, 8-treadle loom.

Art by Jeremy Sutton: Digital portrait painting

Jeremy Sutton, a San Francisco-based artist, author and educator, with a degree in Physics from Oxford University, has drawn and painted in traditional media for over 40 years and used Painter since 1991. Jeremy has written a number of books, including Painter IX Creativity: Digital Artist's Handbook and Fractal Design Painter Creative Techniques and has produced other Painter training materials, such as video and DVD tutorials.

The Corel Painter application lets you draw and paint as you might with real artists' tools and media. In your studio, you use brushes, pens, pencils, chalk, airbrushes, and palette knives to make marks on a canvas or piece of paper. With Corel Painter, an infinite variety of marks are possible. Like a fully stocked art store, Corel Painter supplies you with many different brushes and drawing tools, each with modifiable characteristics.

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