Art by Don Seegmiller Concept character painting

Cloning and Tracing 273

Cloning Images 273

Using Cloner Brushes 278

Turning Other Brushes into Cloners 288

Image Effects 291

Working with Surface Texture 291

Mosaics 307

Getting Started with Mosaics 308

Placing and Customizing Tiles 314

Art by John Taylor Dismukes: 3D Halloween concept design

Using Shapes 327

Getting Started with Shapes 327

Creating Shapes 330

Editing Shapes 339

Transforming Shapes 345

Combining Shapes 351

Art by John Ryan: Animation storyboard for a radio commercial

Animation and Video 357

Creating Animations and Video 357

Getting Started with Movies 362

Modifying a Movie 367

Rotoscoping 369

Saving and Exporting Movies 378

Art by Andrew Jones: Character design for a video game

Printing 385

Understanding Printing 385

Getting Started with Printing 386

Art by Ryan Church: Concept painting for a movie scene

Ryan Church is one of the leading concept artists working today. He has worked with clients such as Vält Disney Imagineering, Universa^l Studios, Industrial Light and Magic, and LucasfiJm. Ryan is currently a Concept Design Supervisor for Star Wars: Episode III, and a Senior Art Director at Industrial Light and Magic.

Corel® Painter™ IX is the leading Natural-Media® painting application. Corel Painter lets you simulate a wide range of art tools — from felt pens, charcoal, and colored pencils to watercolor and oils.

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