Artists Oils Painting System

The Artists' Oils Painting System is a milestone in the evolution of digital art. This new painting system enables users to apply paint blends created in the Mixer palette directly onto images in the document window. Each brush dab loads the brush variant with a finite amount of oil. As the oil runs out, the brush stroke becomes fainter. Brush strokes interact with any paint already on the canvas just as they would with natural media.

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The Artists' Oils Painting System has four components:

• Artists' Oils Brush Category and Variants

• Artists' Colors are based on the color measurements of real-world oil paints.

• Integration of Artists' Oils with the Mixer palette, including a new multicolor eyedropper

• Artists' Oil Brush Controls provide the ability to control the amount of oil, viscosity, blend, bristling, clumpiness, brush trails, and dirtiness.

Snap-to-Path Painting

When users need to create a perfect curve or shape, Snap-to-Path Painting is a great time-saver. Snap-to-Path Painting makes it possible to constrain a brush stroke along a path or a shape by clicking a button or using a keyboard shortcut. With a simple click, users can now create a perfect, precise brush stroke that reflects the attributes typically found in a Corel Painter stroke, such as pressure, tilt, and bearing.

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