Brush Methods and Painting on Layers

The Natural-Media environment allows brush strokes on different layers to interact with each other. However, mixing brush strokes that use the Cover and Buildup methods on the same layer can produce unexpected results. This is caused by a conflict between the brush method and the layer's composite method.

• Brushes that use the Buildup method — such as those in the Felt Pens or Pencils category — work best on layers that use the Gel composite method. In fact, when you use the Buildup method to paint on a blank layer, Corel Painter automatically sets the layer's composite method to Gel.

• Brushes that use the Cover method work best on layers that are set to the Default composite method.

For more information about layer composite methods, refer to "Blending Layers by Using Composite Methods" on page 71. For more information about brush methods, refer to "Methods and Subcategories" on page 211.

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