Brush Tracking Preferences

When you draw with traditional media, the amount of pressure you use with a tool determines how dense and how wide your strokes are. Using a pressure-sensitive stylus with Corel Painter gives you this same kind of control. Each artist has a different strength or pressure level in a stroke. The Brush Tracking preference lets you adjust Corel Painter to match your stroke strength. This is particularly useful for artists with a light touch. If a light stroke leaves no color on the canvas, you should use Brush Tracking to increase sensitivity.

You might also change brush tracking between phases of a project. You could use a light touch when sketching with a pencil brush variant, then set tracking for more pressure when you switch to an oil paint variant. Corel Painter saves Brush Tracking between sessions, so whatever tracking sensitivity you set will be the default the next time you open the application.

To set Brush Tracking

1 Do one of the following:

• (Mac OS) Choose Corel Painter IX menu > Preferences > Brush Tracking.

• (Windows) Choose Edit menu > Preferences > Brush Tracking.

2 Drag in the scratch pad in a "normal" stroke.

Use the pressure and speed you prefer when drawing or painting. For specific adjustments, you can move the sliders.

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