Changing Gradient Color

Color hue is represented in the Edit Gradient dialog box by boxes located at the midpoints between the adjacent color control points. They allow you to change the hue of the blend within that segment.

To change the color hue

1 Choose Window menu > Library Palettes > Show Gradients to display the Gradients palette.

2 Click the palette menu arrow, and choose Edit Gradient.

3 In the Edit Gradient dialog box, click a square box above the color ramp bar.

4 Select an option from the Color Hue pop-up menu:

• RGB blends directly between the red, green, and blue components of the two colors.

• Hue Clockwise and Hue Counterclockwise blend between the endpoint colors by rotating around the color wheel.

For a better understanding of this concept, refer to the standard display of the Colors palette (Hue Ring and Saturation/Value Triangle), and note the order of the colors on the Hue Ring. Notice that as you change parameters within the Edit Gradient dialog box, gradient previews are updated on the Gradients palette.

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  • bryn
    How to change gradient color, corel painter?
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