Choosing Paper Textures

The Papers palette is where all paper textures are stored. In addition to using it to select papers, you can use this palette to invert, resize, or randomize paper grain; control brightness and contrast; or open other paper libraries. For more information on working with libraries, see "Creating a Library" in the Help.

The Paper Selector on the Papers palette. To choose a paper texture

1 Choose Window menu > Library Palettes > Show Papers to display the Papers palette.

If the Papers palette is not expanded, click the palette arrow.

2 In the Papers palette, click the Paper Selector to display the available paper textures.

3 Choose a paper texture from the Paper Selector.

The Papers palette shows the dimensions, in pixels, of the selected paper. Corel Painter tiles the paper to cover as much canvas as needed.

You can also choose a paper texture from the Paper Selector in the toolbox.

Corel Painter uses the currently selected texture. You can make a few strokes, and then change the paper and make a few more strokes to get different results.

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