Cloning Controls

The Cloning controls are specific to cloning method brushes and affect other brushes only when the Clone Color option is enabled.

The Clone Colorcontrol directs a brush to pick up color from a source image. Clone Color takes averaged samples of color from the clone source, resulting in an approximation of the original. The Clone Color option is also available on the Colors palette. For more information, see "Cloning Color" on page 82.

The Clone Type control lets you choose between several cloning variations. These variations are arranged according to the number of reference points used. With two or more reference points, you can apply a transformation (rotate, skew, scale mirror, perspective) during cloning. For complete information on using the different clone types, refer to "Cloning Images" on page 273.

The Obey Source Selection option uses any selection in the clone source region to constrain painting in the destination. If a transform Clone Type is used, the selection is appropriately transformed. This option is available only with the Cloning method.

When Copy Source Selection is enabled, the Cloner brush reproduces the source selection information in the destination selection. This option is available only with the Cloning method.

With the 4-Point Tiling option enabled, your clone source is tiled in a repeating pattern.

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