Compositing Movies

You can composite two movies together into one — for example, you can composite a foreground action against a new background. To do this, you must create a selection in each frame of the foreground movie. For information about selections, refer to "Creating Selections" in the Help. You can also create an alpha channel for each frame and load it as a selection as you work. For more information, refer to "Creating, Generating, and Importing Channels" in the Help.

When creating selections in the foreground movie, if the background is uniform — all white, for example — you can take advantage of the automatic selection and script features.

The drawing mode determines whether Corel Painter draws inside or outside of a selection, so you can create selections that either include or exclude the foreground image — whichever is easiest — then set the drawing mode accordingly. For more information about drawing modes, refer to "Selecting a Drawing Mode" in the Help.

When you composite movies, it can take a long time to generate selections and paint in the background for each frame. Using scripting in conjunction with the Auto Select or Color Select commands can make this operation much easier and faster.

You can create a selection based on image characteristics or color. You do this once, record the process as a script, and then apply the script to all frames in your movie. For information about creating selections based on image characteristics, refer to "To generate a selection with the Auto Selection command" in the Help. For information about creating selections based on color, refer to "To generate a color-based selection" in the Help. For information about recording scripts, refer to "Scripting" in the Help.

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