Constraining Fading and Undoing Strokes

In either drawing style, you can constrain your strokes to 45° angle increments. With the Freehand Strokes option, each stroke is constrained to a straight line, with the angle depending on the orientation of the stroke. With the Straight Line Strokes option, points are connected with lines at 45° angle increments.

If you apply a stroke, but want it to be less opaque or faded.

You can use the Undo command to remove it. You can repeat the command to remove previous strokes and set how many individual strokes can be undone. For more information, refer to "Undo Preferences" on page 38.

To constrain strokes to 45° angle increments

• Hold down Shift as you drag or click.

^ In Straight Line mode, you can also constrain lines to the grid by enabling the Snap to Grid option. Choose Canvas menu > Grid > Snap to Grid.

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