Creating an Impasto Effect

You can apply a variety of Impasto brush strokes by using an Impasto brush variant. These brushes simulate different types of depth effects achieved with natural media, such as thick oil paint. You control the Impasto effect by changing the paint thickness, or depth. Refer to "Impasto Controls" on page 241 for more information.

You can control the appearance of depth using the Amount, Picture, Shine, and Reflection settings in the Surface Lighting dialog box. At any time, you can change these settings to produce different texture effects:

• The Amount setting affects the thickness of the entire Impasto layer. It does not affect individual brush strokes, nor does it affect other Impasto strokes.

You can control the appearance of depth in the entire Impasto layer by adjusting the Amount slider.

• The Picture setting controls how much color appears in the image. At its lowest value, all color is washed out, leaving only the highlights.

• The Shine setting controls how much highlight appears on the surface of strokes. Higher Shine values make the stroke look metallic.

• The Reflection setting maps a clone source image or pattern onto the texture at a variable percentage. Refer to "Working with Reflection Maps" on page 301 for more information.

Adjustments affect the entire Impasto layer. To change the depth of individual brush strokes, you can vary stylus settings or build up media. Refer to "Controlling the Depth Interaction of a Medium" on page 183 for more information.

You can also set how light sources shine on the Impasto brush strokes, add or delete lights, and change light color and position. Refer to "Adjusting Surface Lighting" on page 187 for more information.

If you want to create your own custom brush variants, use the Brush Creator to adjust brush properties. Refer to "Creating Custom Impasto Brushes" on page 182 for more information.

To create an Impasto effect

1 Click the Impasto icon on the upper-right corner of the document window.

2 Choose Impasto from the Brush Selector bar.

3 Choose a brush variant from the Brush Variant selector.

4 Choose Canvas menu > Surface Lighting.

5 In the Surface Lighting dialog box, use the sliders to set attributes for Appearance of Depth and Light Controls.

6 Paint on the canvas or layer.

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