Creating and Capturing Patterns

Corel Painter offers three ways to create patterns:

• Define the current image as a pattern, then add it to the Pattern library.

• Create a rectangular selection, then capture it as a pattern. For more information about creating selections, see "Creating Selections" in the Help.

• Make a fractal pattern, then add it to the library. For more information on creating fractal patterns, see "Creating Fractal Patterns" on page 126.

After creating a pattern tile, you'll probably want to refine it so that it tiles seamlessly. Refer to "Creating Seamless Tiles" on page 128.

Images that you turn into patterns and save in RIF format maintain their pattern characteristics even after being saved and reopened. To keep the Pattern Selector manageable, it's a good idea to keep libraries small. Use the Patterns Mover to create new libraries and delete unwanted patterns. You can switch libraries whenever you want to use a different set of patterns. For more information about movers, refer to "Creating a Library" in the Help.

If a pattern preview isn't detailed enough or you want to edit an existing pattern, you can open the pattern tile in its own window. By loading a pattern as a file, you can view the pattern closely and modify it.

Once a pattern becomes a tile, you can paint off one side of the canvas and watch your stroke appear on the opposite side of the canvas, automatically wrapping to the other side. Refer to "Creating Seamless Tiles" on page 128 for more information about editing pattern tiles.

You can also create masked patterns to use with the Pattern Pens Masked brush variant.

To create a pattern

1 Open the image file you want to use in creating a pattern.

2 Choose Window menu > Library Palettes > Show Patterns to display the Patterns palette.

3 Click the palette menu arrow, and choose Define Pattern.

4 On the Patterns palette, click the palette menu arrow, and choose Add Image to Library.

5 In the Save Image dialog box, type a name for the pattern.

^ With the Grabber tool selected, you can hold down the Shift key and drag the seams to the center of the image in the document window. For best results, do this at 100% scale.

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