Creating and Opening Documents

The File menu > New command creates a blank, untitled document based on the specifications you set in the New dialog box. Canvas Size shows the RAM requirement for creating the document at the specified width, height, and resolution. This number does not reflect the file size for the saved document. A saved Corel Painter file is usually 25% to 50% of the size of the working document, depending on the number of colors it contains.

You can also open documents from other graphics applications and use Corel Painter to add brush strokes, tints, or paper textures. Or, you can clone a document to re-create it in a different medium. Corel Painter lets you open the following file formats:

• Adobe Photoshop formats (PSD) — Corel Painter preserves layers, layer masks, alpha channels, and composite methods. Layer effects and adjustment layers are not supported and should be merged or flattened in Adobe Photoshop.

• GIF — Corel Painter does not convert GIF animations to frame stacks.

• Frame stacks (FRM) — Corel Painter animation files

• QuickTime™ (MOV), Video for Windows (AVI), and numbered files. For more information, refer to "Opening a Movie" on page 363 or "Working with Numbered Files" on page 381.

Corel Painter does not support LZW compressed TIFF file format. Only uncompressed TIFF files open in Corel Painter.

To create a new document

1 Choose File menu > New.

2 In the New dialog box, enter values for the following:

• Width and Height determine the dimensions of the canvas. You can change the unit of measurement by using the menu. Choose from pixels (the default), inches, centimeters (CM), points, picas, and columns (2 inches wide).

• Resolution is the number of pixels per inch (ppi) or pixels per centimeter that make up an image. In the New dialog box, setting the document's pixels per inch is the same as setting its dots per inch (dpi). Refer to "Understanding Resolution" on page 19 for detailed information about document, screen, and print resolutions.

3 Click the Paper Color chip to set the document's background to a color other than white.

Choose a color from the Color dialog box that appears.

4 Choose a Picture Type.

Picture Type lets you set up a document to contain a single frame for an image (the default) or multiple frames for a movie.

5 Click OK.

A new document appears in the workspace.

To open an existing document

1 Choose File menu > Open.

Corel Painter remembers the location of the last file you opened.

2 In the Open (Mac OS) or Select Image (Windows) dialog box, use the controls to locate the file you want to open.

Corel Painter lists every image's dimensions (in pixels), file size, and file format. In addition, files saved in Corel Painter include thumbnails for browsing purposes.

3 Click Open.

The File menu also offers you a shortcut to previously opened documents. Before choosing Open in the File menu, see if the file you want is in the recently opened files list at the bottom of the File menu.

To browse for a document (Mac OS)

1 Choose File menu > Open.

2 Click Browse.

The Browse dialog box shows thumbnails for all the RIFF files in a folder.

3 Double-click the file name, or select a file and click Open.

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