Creating Custom Impasto Brushes

Using the Impasto brush settings in the Brush Creator, most brush variants can become Impasto brushes. The controls let you set drawing and depth methods, the amount of depth applied, and the brush interaction. The Impasto settings act identically to other brush settings, in that they can be saved as part of a brush variant or applied to any active brush. For more information on creating new brush variants, see "Customizing Brushes" on page 197.

Setting Drawing Method

All of the drawing methods affect the next strokes you make in the document. Impasto has three drawing methods:

• The Draw to Color method applies color. You can set the color on the Colors palette.

• The Draw to Depth method applies depth to the image.

• The Draw to Depth and Color method applies both color and depth to the image.

Setting Depth Method

The Depth Method pop-up menu lets you choose a control medium for applying depth. Corel Painter uses the luminance (brightness) information in the control medium to determine how much depth is applied within a stroke. Light areas of the medium receive more depth; dark areas receive less. Black areas appear flat.

For example, when you use Paper as the Depth Method, the bright and dark areas of the paper grain determine where grooves and bumps appear in the stroke.

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