Creating Shapes

You can create shapes in the following ways:

• by using the Pen, Quick Curve, Rectangular Shape, Oval Shape, or Text tool

• by converting a selection path to a shape

• by acquiring an Adobe Illustrator file (File menu > Acquire)

• by pasting an Adobe Illustrator object from the Clipboard

An anchor point can be a smooth point (top) or a corner point (bottom).

As you create shapes, Corel Painter gives them default attributes for stroke and fill. For instructions on setting the default shape attributes, refer to "Shapes Preferences" on page 39 and "Setting Shape Attributes" on page 336.

The shape manipulation tools are in the toolbox. By holding down Command (Mac OS) or Ctrl (Windows), you can toggle between the Shape Selection tool and any of the shape design and editing tools. Toggling makes it convenient to quickly select a wing handle or anchor point before editing it.

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