Filling Images Based on Color

You can use the Paint Bucket tool to fill image areas based on pixel color. This method can be used on the canvas or in a channel. Corel Painter fills areas based on color boundaries and the current Tolerance and Feather settings.

Tolerance sets the amount of variance allowed from the color of the pixel you choose. With a low Tolerance setting, the Paint Bucket fills only contiguous pixels that are very close to your chosen pixel color. With a high Tolerance setting, the Paint Bucket fills a greater range of colors.

Feathering softens the edges of the fill by controlling the fill opacity for pixels with colors outside the Tolerance range. With Feather set to zero (the default), only pixels in the Tolerance range are filled. With a low Feather setting, pixels with colors just outside the Tolerance range receive partial fill. Increasing the Feather setting increases the range of colors that receive partial fill. Pixels with colors farther from the Tolerance range receive a more transparent fill. Typically, when Feather is set high, Tolerance is set low.

The Lock Out Color feature protects areas of a given color from accidental filling. You can choose a color that will not accept filling when clicked with the Paint Bucket. Black is the default locked-out color.

You can use the Paint Bucket tool to fill the interior of areas bounded by lines. This is especially good for producing solid fills of regions bounded by anti-aliased lines. If you want to fill regions completely, without affecting the lines, you can first copy the lines to a selection. Then, when you fill the cells, the lines are protected.

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