Impasto Controls

Impasto controls let you create brush variants that give the illusion of depth. For more information about Impasto techniques, see "Impasto" on page 179.

Some Impasto controls work in conjunction with Expression settings. For more information about Expression settings, see "Expression Settings" on page 262.

There are three Impasto Drawing Methods: Color, which applies only color, Depth, which applies only depth, and Color and Depth, which applies both color and depth to the image.

The Depth Methods in Corel Painter use the luminance information in the control medium to determine how much depth is applied within a stroke. You can use the Invert and Negative Depth options to affect the stroke's appearance. For more information on Depth methods, see "Setting Depth Method" on page 182.

The Depth slider determines how much depth is applied to Impasto brush strokes. When you set Depth Expression to Pressure and the Invert option is enabled, less depth is applied as you press harder, just as it would if you were using a real brush. For more information on painting with depth, see "Creating an Impasto Effect" on page 180.

Smoothing controls the transition of the texture applied to a stroke.

Plow controls the degree to which a stroke interacts with other Impasto brush strokes. In essence, your brush stroke "plows" through existing strokes.

To choose a drawing method

1 On the Stroke Designer page of the Brush Creator, click Impasto.

2 Choose a drawing method from the Draw To pop-up menu.

To choose a depth method

1 On the Stroke Designer page of the Brush Creator, click Impasto.

2 Choose a depth method from the Depth Method pop-up menu.

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