Limiting and Preventing Leakage

In complex drawings, lines don't always meet. This can create fill leaks into areas you don't want to be filled — sometimes through the whole image. You can't always tell if there's a leak just by looking at your image. If you click a small area and see the prompt, "Now Looking for Extent of Fill," there's probably a leak, and Corel Painter is preparing to fill a bigger area than you had in mind. In this case, you can abort the fill.

You can limit leakage to a specific rectangular area. In typical cartoon line work, unbounded areas — for example, hair, tail feathers, and brush bristles — sometimes must be filled. By limiting leakage to a specific area, you can close off these items. You can also close leaks by copying the lines to a selection (refer to "To copy lines to a selection" on page 165), saving the selection to a channel, editing the channel, and then reloading it to the selection. For more information about editing channels, refer to "Managing and Editing Channels" in the Help.

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