Painting on Layers

When a layer is selected, you can use the brushes to paint, draw, erase, or clone. When painting on layers, keep the following points in mind:

• Watercolor brushes can be used only on Watercolor layers; on a Watercolor layer, you can paint only with Watercolor brushes.

• Liquid Ink brushes can be used only on Liquid Ink layers; on a Liquid Ink layer, you can paint only with Liquid Ink brushes.

• You can't paint across grouped layers — you must collapse the group first. For more information, see "To collapse a group" on page 62.

• Before painting on a shape, you must commit it to a pixel-based layer.

Corel Painter prompts you to commit a shape if you attempt to paint on it. Once committed, you cannot re-access the shape's vector controls. For more information, see "To paint a shape" on page 350.

• You can protect areas of a layer from painting by creating a selection. For more information, see "Creating Selections" in the Help.

• You can control what parts of a layer are visible and hidden by creating a layer mask. For more information, refer to "Working with Layer Masks" in the Help.

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