Placing Files

Placing a file lets you import an image into an existing Corel Painter document. The placed image becomes a new reference layer in the document — you can transform (resize, rotate, slant) it on screen by dragging its handles. A placed file maintains its link to the source file until you commit it to standard layer format.

For general information about working with reference layers, refer to "Working with Reference Layers" in the Help.

To place a file

1 Choose File menu > Place.

2 Select an image file, and click Open.

3 In the Place dialog box, set the options:

• In the Scaling area, the Horizontal and Vertical boxes suggest a scale to fit the image in the current document. To change the size, enter scaling percentages in the Horizontal and Vertical boxes.

• Constrain Aspect Ratio maintains the proportions of the image. Disable this check box to distort the image.

• Retain Alpha retains the file's mask. When the image is placed, the image mask becomes the layer mask. Disable this check box to discard the mask.

4 Do one of the following:

• To place the image in a particular location, click on that location in the document.

• To place the image in the center of the document, click OK.

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