Resizing the Canvas

If you want the same image at a different scale, you can resize the canvas. You can also change the size of the drawing area or crop the canvas.

To resize the canvas

1 Choose Canvas menu > Resize.

The Resize dialog box appears, showing the current and new sizes by width, height, and resolution.

2 Enter a new value for width, height, or resolution.

For more information on these values, refer to "Creating and Opening Documents" on page 15.

3 The Constrain File Size check box lets you choose how to deal with dimensions relative to resolution.

When Constrain File Size is enabled, you can change the height and width of the image together. The resolution will change accordingly.

When Constrain File Size is disabled, you can change the height and width independently of the resolution, and vice versa.

If you choose pixels or percent as the unit and enter a value, Corel Painter automatically disables the Constrain File Size check box.

To resize the drawing area

1 Choose Canvas menu > Canvas Size.

2 In the Canvas Size dialog box, specify the number of pixels you want to add to any side of the canvas.

Enter negative values to reduce the canvas size.

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