Rotating Documents

The Rotate Page tool lets you rotate an image on the screen to accommodate the way you draw naturally.

To rotate the page

1 Activate the Rotate Page tool by doing one of the following:

• In the toolbox, click the Rotate Page tool' - a .

• Hold down Option + Spacebar (Mac OS) or Alt + Spacebar (Windows). The cursor changes to a hand with a pointing finger.

2 Drag in the document window to rotate the image.

Move the cursor clockwise to rotate the image clockwise. Move the cursor counterclockwise to rotate the image counterclockwise.

The new rotation angle appears on the property bar.

You can also rotate an image by typing a rotation angle in the Rotation Angle box on the property bar.

To return an image to its original orientation

1 In the toolbox, click the Rotate Page tool fr ■

2 Do one of the following:

• Click once in the document window.

• Double-click the Rotate Page tool.

• On the property bar, click the Reset Tool button.

To constrain rotation to 90° increments

• Hold down the Shift key while rotating.

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