Saving Brush Variants

If you want to keep a customized version of a brush variant, Corel Painter lets you do it as a new variant or as a Look. Variant settings are included when you save a Look, but Looks also include paper texture, pattern, gradient, and nozzle data. Refer to "Saving a Brush Look" on page 267 for more about saving the combined look of a variant.

It's easier to find a variant when the variant list is short. You can manage the number of variants in a Brush category by creating new categories in which to save the variants you create.

To save current settings as a custom variant

1 Do one of the following:

• On the Tracker palette, choose the variant you want to save, click the Tracker palette menu arrow, and choose Save Variant.

• From outside of the Brush Creator, click the selector menu arrow on the Brush Selector bar and choose Save Variant.

• From within the Brush Creator, choose Variant menu > Save Variant.

2 In the Save Variant dialog box, type a name for the new variant. The name can have up to 23 characters.

3 Enable the Save Current Colors check box if you want the current main and additional colors saved with the variant.

If a variant uses the Clone Color option, it is not necessary to enable Save Current Colors.

Your new variant appears on the variant menu, in the current brush category. A new XML file is created in the Brushes category folder.

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