Setting Reference Points for Multipoint Cloning

Before you can paint with a multipoint cloner brush, you must set the correct number of source and destination reference points. Source points can be in one document and destination points in another, or both sets of points can be in the same document.

Multipoint cloner brush variants are indicated by the number of source and destination reference points required for each clone type beside the variant name. For example, the xScale 2P variant requires two reference points. Once source and destination reference points are set, you can start painting with the multi-point cloner brush.

In some cases, you don't have to place source points. When you clone source files and patterns, Corel Painter places source points for you in each corner of the document. These corner source points are ideal for perspective cloning with 4-point tiling. If you don't want to use these default source points, just move them or set source points of your own. For more information, see "Filling with Transformed Cloning" in the Help.

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