Setting the Default Libraries

Corel Painter provides standard libraries that contain brushes, paper grains, selections, layers, images, and color sets. The Libraries section of the General page of the Preferences dialog box lets you designate which libraries appear by default.

To set default libraries

• Enter library file names in the Brushes, Papers, Selections, Images, and Color Set

The default libraries must reside in the Corel Painter folder. Setting Quick Clone Preferences

You can customize the Quick Clone effect. You can choose whether to delete the image from the clone or to turn on Tracing Paper. You can also select the last-used Cloner brush or choose to clone color with any brush variant.

When you use a brush with "Enable Brush Ghosting" enabled, the cursor shows the shape ofthe brush.


To set Quick Clone preferences

1 Choose Corel Painter IX menu > Preferences > General (Mac OS), or Edit menu > Preferences > General (Windows).

2 In the Quick Clone area of the Preferences dialog box, enable or disable the following check boxes:

• Delete Image From Clone. When enabled, this option automatically deletes the contents of the clone file.

• Turn on Tracing Paper. When enabled, this option automatically activates the Tracing Paper feature.

3 Enable one of the following check boxes:

• Switch to Cloner Brushes automatically activates the last Cloner brush variant used.

• Clone Color uses the current brush variant to clone the underlying color.

By default, the Switch to Cloner Brushes check box is enabled. To enable the Clone Color check box, you must disable the Switch to Cloner Brushes check box.

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