Setting up the Drawing Cursor

You can choose a cursor icon and its orientation. You can also set the drawing cursor to show the brush size and shape.

To choose a drawing cursor icon

1 On the General page of the Preferences dialog box, enable the Brush option in the Cursor Type area.

2 Choose one of the following drawing cursor icon options from the pop-up menu to the right of the Brush option:

Brush > Cross + Torus o Triangle ± Hollow Triangle ¿, Gray Triangle 4 The selected cursor icon appears in the Orientation area.

3 Enable an Orientation option.

If you want to set the cursor to show the brush size and shape, enable the Brush Ghosting check box. Brush Ghosting gives you immediate visual feedback on the cursor, showing you the shape and size of the selected brush.

If you want the drawing cursor icon to be a single pixel, enable the Single Pixel option in the Cursor Type area.

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