Shapes Preferences

You can set the default fill and stroke in the Shapes page of the Preferences dialog box. These settings apply to new shapes you create. If you enable the Big Handles check box, the Bezier curve control handles will appear larger. (You may find it easier to work with them in the larger size.) You can also specify colors for the wing color, outline color, and point color.

To change Shapes preferences

1 Do one of the following:

• (Mac OS) Choose Corel Painter IX menu > Preferences > Shapes.

• (Windows) Choose Edit menu > Preferences > Shapes.

2 Select your preferences from the following options:

• Drawing Options control how Corel Painter displays shapes as you create them (On Draw) and when a shape path is closed (On Close). The default setting for On Draw is Stroke In Current Color, and the default setting for On Close is Fill with Current Color.

• Big Handles controls the size of the anchor points and direction wing handles. This can make them easier to grab and drag. If you want big points, enable this option.

• Outline controls the color of the shape outline paths. Double-click the chip to change the color.

• Selected Point controls the color of selected anchor points (unselected anchor points appear "hollow"). Double-click the chip to change the color.

• Wing controls the color of the control wings and handles. Double-click the chip to change the color.

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