The Brush Creator Workspace

The main window of the Brush Creator contains three tabs, each with its own user interface: Randomizer, Transposer, and Stroke Designer. The other components of the main window are the toolbox, the preview grid and window, the Scratch Pad, and the palettes.

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The main window ofthe Brush Creator.

There are seven palettes used with the Brush Creator: Colors, Tracker, Color Variability, Color Expression, Papers, Patterns, and Gradients. Color Variability and Color Expression controls appear in the Brush Creator window (on the Stroke Designer page); the others are available through the Window menu. The Colors and Tracker palettes are open by default. You can choose the main and additional colors on the Colors palette, or you can choose to clone color. For more information, see "Getting Started with Color" on page 77.

The Tracker palette keeps a visual record of all brush strokes made in the Scratch Pad. You can choose a brush variant from the Tracker palette to use in Corel Painter. Colors and brush strokes selected in the Brush Creator apply to Corel Painter as a whole. For more information, see "Using the Tracker Palette" in the Help.

The preview grid is located on the left side of the main window on the Randomizer and Transposer pages. It contains a Brush Selector bar, and it displays several variations of brush strokes for the selected brush. You can use these brush strokes as variants to be randomized or transposed. The preview window displays the variant you select.

By increasing the size of the main window, you also make more brush strokes available in the preview grid.

The preview grid.

The preview grid.

To open the Brush Creator

• Press Command + B (Mac OS) or Ctrl + B (Windows).

* s You can also open the Brush Creator by choosing Window menu > Show

Brush Creator.

To access the Randomizer, Transposer, or Stroke Designer page

1 Choose Window menu > Show Brush Creator.

2 Click one of the following tabs:

• Randomizer

• Transposer

• Stroke Designer

Throughout the documentation, the steps for accessing these pages are replaced with a direction to go directly to the particular page; for example, "On the Stroke Designer page, click General."

To resize the preview grid

• Drag the resize handle at the bottom-right corner of the main window of the Brush Creator.

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