The Randomizer

The Randomizer takes the current brush category and variant, creates random settings for them, and displays variants created from these random settings. You can then choose a new randomized variant from the preview grid to use in the application, or you can use one of these new variants to create even more randomized variants.

Randomized brush variants. To create a random brush variant

1 On the Randomizer page of the Brush Creator, do one of the following:

• On the Brush Selector bar, choose a brush category and variant.

• Choose a brush stroke from the preview grid.

Random settings are created according to the default settings.

2 To fine-tune the settings of the randomized variants displayed in the preview grid, adjust the Amount of Randomization slider.

Move the slider to the right to increase randomization; move it to the left to decrease randomization.

3 To create a new set of randomized settings, click the Randomize Current Selection button .

You can also choose a brush category and variant in the main application before you open the Brush Creator.

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