To add a drop shadow

1 Select a layer or group.

2 Choose Effects menu > Objects > Create Drop Shadow.

3 In the Drop Shadow dialog box, type values in the following boxes:

• X-Offset and Y-Offset specify the distance, in pixels, from the center of the layer image to the shadow.

• Opacity specifies the degree to which the shadow covers underlying images. Setting Opacity to 100% obscures underlying images; lower values create a more transparent shadow.

• Radius specifies the amount of blur at the edge of the shadow. The radius is half the distance across the blurred region. If you set Radius to zero, you create a sharp-edged shadow.

• Angle specifies the direction of the blur.

• Thinness specifies the amount of blur applied perpendicular to the Angle. If a blur shows streaks, increase Thinness to soften it.

If you want to merge the drop shadow layer with the image layer, enable the Collapse to One Layer check box.

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