To adjust wet fringe

1 Apply one or more strokes with a Digital Watercolor variant.

If you would like to restrict the diffusion to a region, make a selection with any selection tool. The pooling effect will apply only within the selection.

2 On the property bar, adjust the Wet Fringe slider.

Drag the slider to the right to increase pooling, to the left to decrease pooling.

You can also adjust wet fringe before applying brush strokes by adjusting the Wet Fringe slider.

The Wet Fringe slider is also accessible on the Brush Controls palette and in the Digital Watercolor area of the Stroke Designer page of the Brush Creator.

To dry Digital Watercolor brush strokes

• Choose Layer menu > Dry Digital Watercolor.

Once you dry a Digital Watercolor brush stroke, you can no longer adjust its wet fringe.

Liquid Ink brushes in Corel Painter create liquid paint effects that simulate traditional ink-based media.

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