To change duplication settings

1 Choose Shapes menu > Set Duplicate Transform.

2 In the Set Duplicate Transform dialog box, specify any of the following settings:

• Translation controls where Corel Painter creates duplicate shapes in relation to the original. The offset values are in pixels. When H. Offset and V Offset are both zero, the duplicate is created precisely on top of the original. If both values are 100, the duplicate appears 100 pixels lower and 100 pixels to the right. Negative values offset the duplicate up and to the left, respectively.

• Scaling controls the size of duplicates in relation to the original. The scale values are percentages.

• Constrain Aspect Ratio maintains the aspect ratio of the shape. If you want to create distorted duplicates, disable this option and specify different percentages for horizontal and vertical scaling.

• Rotation lets you specify a number of degrees to rotate duplicates. Positive values rotate counterclockwise, and negative values rotate clockwise.

• Slant controls the degree of slant applied to duplicates. Positive values slant duplicates to the right. Negative values slant them to the left. Slant accepts values between -90° and 90°. However, as values approach the extremes, the duplicate shape becomes a streak.

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