To clone a movie

1 Choose File menu > Open, and open the source movie you want to clone.

2 In the Open (Mac OS) or Select Image (Windows) dialog box, note the information on movie dimensions and number of frames given under the thumbnail window, and click Open.

3 Create a new movie with the same dimensions and number of frames as the source. With these two frame stacks open, you're ready to clone the source into the new movie.

4 Select frame 1 of the new movie.

5 With the source movie selected, choose the first frame you want to clone.

6 Choose Movie menu > Set Movie Clone Source.

7 Select the new movie.

8 Using any Cloner brush, paint on the document window.

You will be painting the source movie into the clone.

9 When you finish cloning in a frame, advance to the next one by clicking the Step Forward button on the Frame Stacks palette. Corel Painter automatically advances the clone source to maintain the frame-to-frame correspondence.

If you have a Corel Painter movie open and you choose File menu > Clone, Corel Painter will create a clone only of the frame in the image window.

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