To create surface texture based on a channel or layer mask

1 Select a layer or area of the canvas.

If you want to apply the effect to the entire image, do not make a selection. If you want to use a layer mask, you must select the layer.

2 Choose Effects menu > Surface Control > Apply Surface Texture.

3 In the Apply Surface Texture dialog box, choose the channel or layer mask from the Using pop-up menu.

If you want to apply an inverted texture, enable the Inverted check box.

4 Adjust the Softness slider to control the amount of distortion created by the texture.

Increasing softness creates more intermediate steps, which produces a smoother distortion.

5 Adjust the Appearance of Depth sliders.

Refer to "Setting Appearance of Depth Properties" on page 292 for more information.

6 Adjust the Light Controls sliders.

For more information, refer to "Applying Lighting to a Texture" on page 303.

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