To express a gradient in an image

1 Open the image you want to use.

Select part of the image, or use the entire image.

2 Choose Window menu > Library Palettes > Show Gradients to display the Gradients palette.

3 Select a gradient.

4 Click the palette menu arrow, and choose Express in Image.

5 In the Express in Image dialog box, adjust the Bias slider to define how the gradient is mapped.

Corel Painter replaces the colors in the image with the colors in the gradient, based on matching luminance.

In Corel Painter, paper textures, gradients, patterns, and weaves can all be applied to your image. You can brush some of them on, get them to interact with each other, spray them, smear them, and even create your own. Best of all, you never have to run to the store in the middle of creating to get a new tube of paint or the right kind of paper.

You'll use these items in several ways:

• to load a Brush tool with media for painting

• to fill selections with the Effects menu > Fill command or the Paint Bucket tool

• to control certain image effects, like Apply Surface Texture

This chapter explains how to select, customize, and create textures, patterns, and weaves, as well as how to save them to a library for future use.

Papers, patterns, and weaves all reside in libraries. The default libraries offer sample materials. You'll find more libraries, with additional materials, on the Corel Painter CD and on the Corel Web site. For more information about libraries, including how to load alternate libraries, create your own libraries, and manage library content, see "What Are Libraries?" in the Help.

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