To fill an image with pattern tiles

1 On the Patterns palette, choose a pattern.

2 Choose Effects menu > Fill.

3 In the Fill dialog box, choose Pattern.

To see tiling in an image, the image must be larger than the tile. To paint with a pattern

1 From the Brush Selector bar, choose a brush that applies media to a document.

2 On the Stroke Designer page of the Brush Creator, choose General.

3 From the Source pop-up menu, choose one of the following:

• Pattern paints with a pattern containing no mask information.

• Pattern with Mask paints using mask data contained in the pattern.

• Pattern as Opacity paints with the pattern at a reduced opacity.

4 Choose Window menu > Library Palettes > Show Patterns.

5 Choose a pattern from the Pattern Selector.

6 Paint in the image.

If you have not set a clone source, Corel Painter uses the current pattern in any operation referring to clone source colors or luminance. This means you can paint with a pattern using a Cloner brush.

If the Source option is not available (grayed out), the selected brush can apply color only. In that case, select a rendered brush, or choose Rendered from the Dab Type pop-up menu.

When painting with a pattern, keep in mind that direction matters. Corel Painter flips the pattern you're painting when you change directions, so apply strokes in the same direction for a uniform effect.

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