To increase or decrease media flow from an airbrush

• Move the stylus fingerwheel toward the tip, or forward, to decrease flow. Move it away from the tip, or backward, to increase flow.

You can also control media flow from an airbrush on the Stroke Designer page of the Brush Creator, by clicking Airbrush and adjusting the Flow and Min Flow sliders. Flow sets the maximum flow. Min Flow sets the minimum amount of flow as a percentage of Flow.

Depending on the Airbrush variant, you can reverse the effect of moving the airbrush fingerwheel by enabling the Invert check box on the Color Expression palette, or by enabling the Invert Flow Expression check box on the Stroke Designer page of the Brush Creator.

In the Brush Creator, you can also determine flow based on stylus information, such as velocity or pressure, by choosing an expression from the Flow Expression pop-up menu.

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