To paint with a pattern

1 Select a brush that applies media to a document.

2 On the Patterns palette, choose a pattern from the Pattern Selector.

3 Adjust the Pattern Scale slider.

4 On the Stroke Designer page of the Brush Creator, click General.

5 From the Dab Type pop-up menu, choose a dab type that activates the Source pop-up menu (for example, Rendered).

6 Choose one of the following from the Source pop-up menu:

• Pattern, to paint with a pattern containing no mask information.

• Pattern with Mask, to paint by using mask data contained in the pattern.

If the Source option is not available (appears grayed out), the selected brush can apply color only. In that case, select a computed brush, or choose a dab type that activates the Source pop-up menu.

* s Keep in mind that direction matters when you paint with a pattern.

Corel Painter flips the pattern when you change direction, so apply strokes in the same direction for a uniform effect.

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