To paint with multiple colors

1 Choose a brush.

2 On the Stroke Designer page of the Brush Creator, click General.

3 Choose Static Bristle from the Dab Type pop-up menu.

4 Choose Multi from the Stroke Type pop-up menu.

5 On the Stroke Designer page, click Well, and enable the Brush Loading check box. This step activates the brush's ability to pick up underlying colors.

6 Adjust the Resaturation and Bleed sliders.

The Bleed setting determines how much underlying paint is affected by the brush stroke. A higher Bleed setting, combined with a low Resaturation setting, can enhance the Brush Loading feature. A resaturation value of 0, combined with different levels of bleed, will cause your brush to smear image color, rather than deposit it. In this case, the lower the bleed, the longer the smear.

7 On the Stroke Designer page, click Spacing, and adjust the Spacing and Min Spacing sliders to create fewer "echo" artifacts in your smeared stroke.

8 Drag a brush stroke through existing paint to see how the paint is "picked up" from the underlying pixels and moved across the canvas.

It is easier to see the Brush Loading feature if the canvas is not white. To fill the canvas with another color, refer to "Filling an Area with Media" on page 163.

You can tie brush controls like Bleed to the Controller setting on the Color Expression palette. For example, if you choose Pressure, each stroke bleeds more or less, depending on how hard you press the stylus. For more information, refer to "Expression Settings" on page 262.

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