To rerender tiles

1 Open an image that is the size you want.

2 Create a mosaic, and click Done to exit the Make Mosaic dialog box.

3 Choose Canvas menu > Resize.

In the Resize dialog box, disable the Constrain File Size check box, and set the resolution to a higher value.

When Corel Painter finishes resizing, you'll notice that the tiles have blurred. You can correct this problem by re-rendering the mosaic.

4 Choose Canvas menu > Make Mosaic.

5 In the Make Mosaic dialog box, choose Re-Render Mosaic from the Options pop-up menu.

Corel Painter replaces the resized, blurry tiles with tiles rendered at the higher resolution.

Once you choose Re-render Mosaic, Corel Painter erases any part of the image that is not a tile or grout.

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