To set shape fill attributes

1 With the Shape Selection tool * ], click a shape whose fill attributes you want to change, and press Return (Mac OS) or Enter (Windows).

You can select multiple shapes by holding down Shift while clicking the shapes.

2 In the Set Shape Attributes dialog box, enable the Fill check box to apply a stroke to the selected shape.

To remove the fill, disable the check box.

3 Double-click the chip, choose a color from the Color dialog box, and click OK.

4 Adjust the Opacity slider to control the opacity of the fill.

5 Click one of the following icons:

• Fill Overlaps [V to fill overlapping areas of multiple shapes.

• Don't Fill Overlaps to leave overlapping areas unfilled. Multiple overlaps alternate between filled and not filled.

6 Click Set New Shape Attributes.

You can also specify some fill and fill color attributes on the property bar when you select a shape with the Layer Adjuster ► or Shape Selection tool.

You can also use the Effects menu > Fill command or the Paint Bucket tool -> to fill a shape. Because these methods apply pixel data to the region, Corel Painter first converts the shape to a pixel-based layer. For more information, refer to "Filling an Area with Media" on page 163.

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