Why doesn't your brush stroke appear? What to check:

• Main color — On the Colors palette, what color is the Main Color (front) square? Is it a color that will show up when applied to your image? If not, click the Main Color square to be sure it's selected, and then set a different color.

• Opacity — Check the Opacity setting on the property bar and, if necessary, adjust the pop-up slider to increase opacity.

• Brush method — The brush method determines the basic nature of a brush. To check the brush method, click General on the Stroke Designer page of the Brush Creator. If you're drawing with a light color on a dark background, the method must be set to Cover, in order to show the lighter color.

• Drawing mode — If you have made a selection, the drawing mode determines what part of the selection is protected. Refer to "Selecting a Drawing Mode" in the Help for more information.

• Layers — Are you drawing on the canvas with a layer blocking your view of the brush stroke? On the Layers palette, close the visibility eye of each layer to view only the canvas.

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