Understanding Main and Additional Colors

The color you select appears in one of two overlapping squares displayed on the Colors palette. The front square represents the selected main color. The back square shows the selected additional color. By default, blue is the main color, and white is the additional color. Most of the time, you work with the main color.

Don't confuse the additional color with what other graphics programs call "the background color." In Corel Painter, the "background color" is the paper color.

The additional color is for multicolor brush strokes, two-point gradients, and Image Hose effects. It's used when more than one color is applied.

To choose the main color

1 Choose Window menu > Color Palettes > Show Colors to display the Colors palette.

2 Double-click the front square.

3 Choose a color from the Colors dialog box.

Overlapping squares display the current main and additional colors.

Click the front square to set the main coJor.

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