Understanding Shapes as Layers

In Corel Painter, shapes are implemented as layers. When you create a shape, a new layer is added to your document. The shapes you create are listed on the Layers palette. Many of the options and controls for working with pixel-based layers apply equally to shapes. For example, you can apply effects to shapes or give them a composite method to control how the shape interacts with the underlying image.

Shapes follow the same layering rules as pixel-based layers, and you can manipulate them in many of the same ways. Shapes differ from pixel-based layers by the type of data they contain. Shapes are vector objects; pixel-based layers are constructed of pixels.

If you want to work with pixel information in a shape, you can convert the shape to a pixel-based layer. In many cases, Corel Painter will do this for you automatically. For example, if you want to apply a fill to a shape, Corel Painter asks if you want to commit the shape to an image layer. You can also deliberately convert a shape or group of shapes to a pixel-based layer.

For more information about layers, refer to "Layers" on page 43.

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