Undo Preferences

Multiple Undo allows you to undo and redo up to 32 levels of changes. Corel Painter sets 32 levels as the default.

The number of Undo levels applies across open documents. If you have set the number of Undo levels to 5, and you have two documents open and have "undone" three operations on the first document, you can undo only two operations on the second document.

Multiple Undo can use a significant amount of disk space. If you perform multiple operations on the entire image, the whole image must be saved for each Undo step.

To set Undo levels

1 Do one of the following:

• (Mac OS) Choose Corel Painter IX menu > Preferences > Undo.

• (Windows) Choose Edit menu > Preferences > Undo.

2 Enter a number between 1 and 32 in the box.

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