Using Color Sets

Corel Painter provides several color sets — Corel Painter Colors, Mac OS and Windows system palettes, and the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® are a few. The default color set is Artists' Colors, which is based on the color values of real-world oil paints. Only one color set can be open at a time, but you can easily load a different set.

When Corel Painter starts, it references a file (called "Painter Colors") in the user folder to determine which color set to load. If Corel Painter cannot determine which color set to open, it loads the default color set from the application folder.


When you open a new color set, and the current color set is one you've created or modified, Corel Painter prompts you to decide whether to append to or overwrite the contents of the Painter Colors file, allowing Corel Painter to load this new color set by default in the future.

Corel Painter provides two methods to find a particular color in a color set. You can search for the color by name or have Corel Painter find the color that comes closest to matching the current color.

The Color Sets palette.

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