Using Paper Texture

In the real world, a marking tool has different results when applied to surfaces with different textures. Corel Painter allows you to control the texture of the canvas to achieve the results you'd expect from natural media on a given surface — pencil on water color paper, felt pens on cotton paper, chalk on the sidewalk, and so on.

Of course, some brushes, like those in the Airbrush category, don't reveal paper texture in their strokes. This behavior follows that of the natural tool.

Most ofthe brushes interact with the current paper texture.

You can use paper textures in many ways. Brushes interact with paper "grain," just as natural tools react with the texture of the surfaces beneath them. Working with paper grains is useful when you use the Apply Surface Texture command or other effects, such as Glass Distortion. You can select different paper textures, modify them, organize them in libraries, and even create your own custom textures.

In Corel Painter, brushes that react with paper texture have a "grainy" method. For more information about brush methods, see "Methods and Subcategories" on page 211.

The terms "paper grain" and "paper texture" are used here synonymously.

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