Using Two Colors at Once

Usually, you'll work with only the main color — the front square of the two overlapping squares on the Colors palette. Using one color produces a solid-color brush stroke.

By selecting an additional color, you can determine the colors for multicolored brush strokes. Many brush variants are able to paint with a variable range of colors.

The settings on the Color Expression palette determine when Corel Painter uses one color or the other. For more information about using color expression, see "Setting Color Expression" on page 103.

You can use two colors at once in a brush stroke.

To set up a two-color brush stroke

1 Choose a brush from the Brush Selector bar.

2 Choose Window menu > Color Palettes > Show Colors to display the Colors palette.

3 Choose a main and additional color from the Color palette.

Refer to "Understanding Main and Additional Colors" on page 80 for more information about setting main and additional colors.

4 Choose Window menu > Brush Controls > Show Color Expression to display the Color Expression palette.

5 From the Controller pop-up menu, choose Direction.

6 Paint in the document.

The main color is used in one direction, and the additional color is used in the other.

^ You can also choose a color from a color set. For more information, see "Working with Color Sets" on page 92.

You might want to try a different setting from the Controller pop-up menu on the Color Expression palette. Try setting it to Pressure instead of Direction. For more information, see "Setting Color Expression" on page 103.

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